Mansib Rahman – CEO

19 years old with 6 years of business experience and 10 years of work experience, Mansib gives a new meaning to being ‘ahead of the curve’
Hear his story

Zacharias Ohlin – Chief of Resources & Technology

Not only does Zack rank in Tennis, Math and Programming Competitions, but he coaches people to surpass him
How does a champion live?

Shohan Rustom – Creative Consul

Initially pursuing the sciences and then ditching to follow his passion for art, Shohan’s works have proliferated in numerous avenues
Paint me a Portrait

Afuad Hossain – Administrative Officer

A neuroscience student with a penchant for tech, Afuad orchestrates Brainstorm’s prodigious repertoire of activities more efficiently than a well implemented quicksort
The path less travelled

Si Jia Li – something

upenn candidate

Elly Sue – Pokemon Trainer Intern

It is seldom that Elly isn’t busy catching one of the 151 original Pok√©mon (or 152… or 153, but who’s counting?) Even then, you can bet she’s still busy being the very best, like no one ever was
Gotta Catch'em All

Mostafa Saadat – SDE Intern

who dares wins

Sonia Anchouche – SDE/Academic Program Intern

When we interviewed Sonia, she said she wanted to go into “biotech” so we’re excited to see what she’s going to come up for this tech bio
Multidimensional Glider

Stephen Thangathurai – Financial Officer

There isn’t a more formal word than ‘balling’ to describe Stephen’s idiosyncrasies. Stephen balls at the court and then balls on the pitch before he balls on the mound. You bet he scores with our money
Pass the ball

Dhanesh Patel – Mathematician/Financial Officer

Intelligent minds are always a business’s most expensive asset but Dhanesh halves the cost by filling two shoes
how does it add?

Jonah Dabora – SDE

There is something inherently philosophical about code, but perhaps Jonah made it that way
His Depth-First Search

Patrick Baral – Conceptualist

Our empirical society says ‘see to believe’ but Patrick plays with disbelief to invent the impossible
See it to believe it


You paint pictures, coach champions and implement quicksorts. You live life to the fullest by coding and designing realities. And every word you write ushers a thunderous paroxysm of neural synapses. We named ourselves in your honour
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